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Ignore Records on F4 Lookup

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Ignore Records on F4 Lookup

When using the Ledger Enquiry all employees may be accessed and this option allows you to restrict and ‘hide’ selected employees from display. You may for example wish to hide directors or employees who have now left.

Ignore Records on F4 Lookup

Set if you wish to apply filter options.

Item to Test

Select the data item you wish to test against.

Test Equal or Not Equal

Select whether you are testing on matching or not matching values. Note that the criteria you are entering is the criteria for hiding records not for those that are displayed.

Value to Test against

Set the value to be matched/not matched when hiding records. You can optionally enter "!nnn” (replacing "nnn” with a data item number) so can match test item against another item on the employee file.

Allow Option to View All

If set this allows use of an F7-Option key within the <F4-Select> list to display the hidden records.

  • Release ID: Standard

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