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Suspend SQL Mirroring During Night / Weekends

Datafile Software

Suspend SQL Mirroring During Night / Weekends

The SQLMGR program, once started, reads the SQLDET database continually for new records to process and can mean – when your business operates on a set opening times basis – that the SQLMGR is interrogating the database when no changes are being made.

New options are now available that can be added to the PARAM.INI (a file held within the main Datafile SQL program folder which can be edited with any text editor) to exclude mirroring during set days/times.

Commands to add are:



If you have a night time process that you need to mirror then you can set multiple times for exclusion, for example, you have an offsite import that is processed at midnight then you could have an ‘exclude’ entry along the lines of:


  • Release ID: 6.6