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Copy to Clipboard - Use <TAB> Delimiter

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Copy to Clipboard - Use <TAB> Delimiter

When using the Ledger Enquiry the option is available within the Utilities panel to copy selected items to the Clipboard for pasting into other applications – this is typically used to copy name and address detail for posting into Word etc. When copying the system uses a CR/LF character as the delimiter between the selected items so that each entry is pasted on separate lines, occasionally, when pasting to Excel for example, you may which to paste across the page. This new feature allows for the system to optionally use <TAB> delimiters to separate the data facilitating pasting into Excel.

A tick box is available at the end of the clipboard list asking if you wish to use <TAB> delimiters – select as required. The setting is remembered within the action but will revert to default setting on exit from Ledger Enquiry or on swap to another application within the enquiry.


Database Changes

The option to select to use <TAB> delimiters is available immediately on program update but to set to use <TAB> delimiters by default requires a change in the INI file associated with each database – this INI file can be updated via the database restructure tools.

To restructure the database Diamond and Premier users can select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Restructure A Database. Select the required application. Elect to update the Live Files and then select the main application database. Professional users can restructure the database by accessing the Database Systems menu option followed by Datafile Database Utilities, Create/Amend Database Structures and Restructure A Database before entering the filename to change. The existing data items are then displayed on screen but press <F4-Select> to access the advanced features and choose the Database INI settings and then within the INI settings select the COPY option to define the clipboard copy items and set the default delimiter.

Once set click the OK button to accept the clipboard settings and click SAVE to accept the INI changes and you are returned to the data item list. At this point press <ESC> and choose UPDATE.

  • Release ID: 6.6