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Additional Display Options for Nominal / Cashbook Enquiry

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Additional Display Options for Nominal / Cashbook Enquiry

The Ledger Enquiry facilities for the Sales, Purchase, Stock and Job enquiries allow options to set the transaction grid to display the different transaction types in separate colours, whilst the Sales, Purchase and Works Order enquiries allowed the transaction grid to display in different colours based on the order status.

New in Release 6.6 is the facility to set different colours on the Nominal and Cashbook enquiries based on the source of the transaction – i.e. different colours for Cashbook Receipts, Cashbook Payments, Journals, Sales Updates, etc.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

To set colours for the Nominal/Cashbook Ledger Enquiry new options have been added within the Ledger Enquiry Manager. To update the display settings select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and Enquiries Configuration. Select the Nominal or Cashbook application (the same colour display settings are applied to both enquiries) and then select Transaction / Detail Enquiries. Whilst confirming the authority level for the transaction enquiry a SETTINGS button is active to set the colour scheme.

To change the display colour set the ‘Change Colour’ entry against the required source type and the system will display a colour chart for you to select the display colour.Select the required colour from the ‘basic’ settings and then select the OK option. Once all colours set as required select OK and then SAVE.

  • Release ID: 6.6