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Filter Records on Enquiry Search

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Filter Records on Enquiry Search

During Sales Ledger processing the system hides accounts flagged as prospects from selection.Similarly Sales and Purchase Order Processing allow the facility to ‘hide’ selected items on the stock file from selection during order entry, this can be used to prevent selection of items that are no longer sold or are no longer available from the supplier.

A new feature now adds a similar facility to the Ledger Enquiry and is available for all of the enquiry applications. When selecting a record to enquire within the Ledger Enquiry via F4-Select you now have the facility to hide, for example, prospect accounts on the sales enquiry, deleted orders on the sales and purchase order enquiry or ‘dead’ stock records on the stock enquiry.

On the above enquiry any account record flagged as a prospect is excluded from the F4 search results within the sales enquiry.

Depending on configuration of the filter options by selecting the OPTIONS button at the bottom right of the search screen, or by pressing the <F7-Option> key, the facility is available to view all records that match the search results.

Note that operators can manually enter a reference for a filtered record where this is known and the record will be displayed. Filtered records though will not be updated to the enquiry history panel.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

This new feature is enabled via the Enquires Configuration options within the Ledger Enquiry Manager. To set a ledger enquiry filter select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration. Select the application required before selecting the new option to Ignore Records on F4 Lookup

Ignore Records on F4 Lookup – set to allow the option to filter records from the F4 search results for this application enquiry.

Item to Test – select the data item on the main application enquiry database to perform the filter check against.

Test Equal or Not Equal – set whether the filter test is to be applied on an equal (E) or not-equal (N) basis.

Value to Test against – enter the match value to test. Any enquiry record where the set condition is true will be hidden from the F4 search results.

Allow Option to View All– set to allow the use of the <F7-Option> key within the F4 search results to view the hidden records.

  • Release ID: 6.6