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Additional Features within the Credit Control Manager

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Additional Features within the Credit Control Manager

Three new options have been added within the Credit Control Manager.Firstly a ZOOM button has been added which allows a more direct link to the Ledger Enquiry for the highlighted account than existed previously. Secondly a new statement link option has been added to allow you to link to an ‘internal’ statement that can be configured to include the debtor memo and any other additional information that may be required. Thirdly the accounts selected can be restricted to an account range so that multiple users could be working on debt chasing and not ‘clash’ on chasing particular accounts.

When select the Credit Control Manager the system prompts, if configured, for the range of account codes to be included. You can enter the range as required, <F4-Select> is available. You can enter codes that ‘don’t exist’ to include maximum range – i.e. enter AAA001 to AZZ999 to include all the accounts starting with ‘A’, and you can optionally leave the from / to codes blank.

Once any account restriction is applied the normal Credit Control pick list is displayed for review.

The new options available are:

Zoom – selecting this button takes you to main Ledger Enquiry screen for the current highlighted entry.

Internal STM – selecting this option prints the internal statement for the current highlighted entry.


Application User Facilities

The ZOOM option is available immediately on update to Release 6.2, the new ‘range of account’ option and the ‘internal statement’ link can be activated by new options within the Credit Control Manager configuration settings in the Sales Ledger Application User Facilities.

The Application User Facilities can be accessed by selecting Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and Application User Facilities. Select the Sales Ledger application followed by Sales Transactions, the Credit Control Manager settings are defined on the fourth screen.

Allow range of accounts - set to allow range of accounts for processing to be selected at run-time.

Allow internal print on statement no– enter the statement number (1-12 on Premier, 1-6 on Diamond) for the statement layout configured as a ‘internal’ document.

  • Release ID: 6.2