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Include Attachments on Documents to Email

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Include Attachments on Documents to Email

There can be a requirement to include ‘Terms & Conditions’ when sending documents such as a invoice via email, or to include specific PDF files when a particular stock item is included on a order acknowledgement. This new feature allows you to configure the email parameters to include up to ten additional attachments by default.

Document Design Parameters

When amending a document layout (using the ‘new’ designer) then the Email parameters are accessed via the Format pull-down menu and the top of the screen and choose ‘Email Settings’.

The email attachment commands are controlled via text settings within the header, detail or footer areas.

You insert extra attachments using the command <filename,$option>>. The filename can be picked up from a database item on the available databases if necessary using the usual ‘!Xnnn’options (where ‘X’ is the database flag and ‘nnn’ is the data item number).

Options allowed include:

$hide – omit from email text the filename being attached.

$blank – clear entire line if attachment file not found / test condition not met

$test – test data item as to whether the file is to be included or not. $test is formatted as $test(!Xnnn E value)

 Typical commands therefore may be:


<<LICENCE.PDF,$test(!H101 E Y),$blank>>


 Location of Attachments

The attachments must be held within a ‘DocNotes’ folder off the main DFCOMP location (usually \DFWIN\DATA). You will need to manually create this folder and update any attachments into this location.


 Support for attachments is included within all the application documents

  • Release ID: 6.2