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F4-Select - Exact Code Match Entry

Datafile Software

F4-Select - Exact Code Match Entry

When entering a code, such as an account code or stock code then the system will, on entry of a partial code, list in the <F4-Select> search results any entries that match the partially entered code. If only one entry found, the system will automatically select this code. If the entered code exactly matches an entry then this code is selected for you automatically even where other records would be found on a partial match. For example if you had a series of stock codes as:








If you enter a code ‘CH016’ the <F4> search results would list the four entries starting ‘CH016’ for you to select from, if however you entered ‘CH0167’ the system would auto-select the CH0167 entry despite the three other partial matches available.

A new option is now available so that in these circumstances if a entered code matches exactly an entry within the <F4> search results but further entries are available with a partial match then the system will display the search results for selection – if, even on a partial match, only one entry is applicable this will be automatically selected as now.


CONFIG / User Preferences

A new parameter has added to the User Preference screen available in the CONFIG sign-on.

Ignore Exact Match – if set then the system will display <F4> search results regardless of an exact match of the entered code if additional partial matches are available.

  • Release ID: 6.2