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Provide for Bad Debts - Sales Ledger

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Provide for Bad Debts - Sales Ledger

This works much like ‘Set Transaction Status Flag’ above, except that only invoices are displayed, and you have only one action to decide for each transaction

If the invoice is already marked with a "B” for bad debt, then the default answer given is Y, and <Enter> leaves this status intact. If you answer N, however, then the bad debt flag is removed from this invoice.For all other status types, including invoices with no status flag, the answer N is offered, which you can accept by keying <Enter>. If you reply Y, then the status flag, regardless of its present setting, is set to "B”.

Reporting Bad Debt Provisions

An option available within the Sales Ledger Reports menu allows you to report transactions that have been flagged as bad debts.

  • Release ID: Standard