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Database Refresh - Empty Table and Re-Import Data

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Database Refresh - Empty Table and Re-Import Data

Release 6.4 introduces several additional processing options for mirroring a Datafile Database to an SQL table when the SQL Driver has been purchased.

 Against each Datafile Database you can set flag options as to whether a database is to be mirrored as an SQL table or not, and set which items are to be mirrored (if left blank all items are mirrored). New in Release 6.4 is an option to set whether a refresh of the database triggers a drop and recreation of the SQL table (as now) or an empty and import of the data into the SQL table.

Mirror this database in SQL – set to Y to mirror the database in SQL (Note: if SQLDET.DFD not found in DFCOMP location system will warn accordingly)

Auto Refresh Whole Structure of Just Contact – set to R to drop/recreate table on refresh, set to F to empty/import data. If left blank system assumes a refresh drop/recreate SQL table.


 Drop/Recreate of the SQL table is generally avoided where you will be linking your own SQL tables to a Datafile mirrored table rather than reporting from the mirrored table.

 If you restructure the database, however, then the system does still drop/recreate the table so that the SQL mirror matches the Datafile structure.

  • Release ID: 6.4