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Bank Statement Report, Bank Statement Report (FC) - Cashbook

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Bank Statement Report, Bank Statement Report (FC) - Cashbook

This allows you to print a report very much like the Cash/Bank Statement report under Cash Book Reports above. You would probably include the reconciliation flag and any comment on this report.Foreign Currency systems have an additional report which processes non-base currency accounts reporting the values in the currency of the account. The procedure to print this report is exactly as described for Cash Book Reports.

The report gives a summary at then end of each account showing the Balance B/F (i.e. the balance at the start of the period), totals for the transactions reported – debit, credit and net totals – plus the closing balance. It also shows the total of the transactions reported that are unreconciled.

It also shows a statement balance that it the closing balance of this report less any unreconciled transactions – this may not match you last statement if there are unreconciled transactions from earlier periods still.

  • Release ID: Standard