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Order Enquiry - Allow Label Print from Order Details

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Order Enquiry - Allow Label Print from Order Details

The CRM Ledger Enquiry allows you to link to Report Generator Labels for the main application database—i.e. the Sales enquiry links to labels for the Sales Account, the Stock enquiry for the Stock record etc. For the Order Processing enquiries the label printing tools allowed print from the Order Header but a common request has been to also allow printing of labels from the order details—Release 6.4 will allow this facility.

When selecting the Labels option the system will, depending on configuration, list all the Report Generator label definitions configured against the order header and the order detail databases for selection.If you choose a detail label definition then the system will print label(s) for each order detail for the current order.


No specific configuration options are required to allow labels to be printed from the order details. Unless linked to a specific label within the Ledger Enquiry design then all labels based on order header and order details will be displayed for selection.

  • Release ID: 6.4