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PERIOD – Budget Input for Periods - Nominal

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PERIOD – Budget Input for Periods - Nominal

Use this option to change the individual period budgets. Although you must give the annual budget figure for an account at the start, it is only when the period budgets add up to the annual budget that the account is updated. The sum of the period budgets so far is displayed at the bottom of the screen together with the difference from the annual budget. The previous year’s actual values are displayed on the right hand side of the screen for your information.

You must first give an account code, following which the present budget value for the year and any existing period budgets are displayed, as illustrated below. If you <Escape> from the account code you are returned to the menu.

Either accept the annual budget by keying <Enter> or change its value to the annual budget figure you now want. After that you can confirm or change each period’s budget figure. The total of period budgets shows at the bottom.

If you <Escape> from the period budgets, but they don’t add up to the annual total, then you are returned to the YEAR-TOTAL prompt. If you <Escape> from the period budgets and their values total to the annual budget you are asked:

Reply ’Yes’ to update the account with the new period budgets, or ’No’ to return to the YEAR-TOTAL prompt above. Selecting Cancel abandons the change.

Once the account has been updated, or if you cancel the update, you are asked whether you wish to amend the budgets for another account – respond accordingly.

  • Release ID: Standard