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Unallocating Transactions in Earlier Periods

Sales and Purchase Ledger Unallocating Transactions in Earlier Periods - Version 20 programs only

When allocating Sales and Purchase transactions the system displays the "current” transactions where "current” means transactions entered in this period or that were outstanding at the start of the period.

Where a transaction has been allocated or matched incorrectly in can be reversed by entering negative allocated amounts against the transaction but with the restriction of current transactions you could only unallocated transactions that were allocated this period. From this update an additional option is available to unallocate earlier transactions.

When prompted to "Show Only Outstanding Transactions” the F7-Function key is available to include retained transactions.

When selected you will be prompted for the date to display transactions since – enter as required. The system will then display the requested transactions.


This option is available immediately on update to Datafile 2018.

When a transaction is allocated then the following period end marks the transaction as ‘old’ and updates a record pointer on the account to the first "current” transaction. This process will clear the ‘old’ flag on the transactions unallocated and update the record pointer where appropriate.

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