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Stock History Analysis

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Stock History Analysis

The Stock records all contain a rolling history of demand, sales values and cost of sales values for (usually) 12 periods. This new report allow output of a set of demand, sales or cost values to an Excel spreadsheet together with average values for the last 3, 6, 9 and 12 periods so that you can monitor for any increase or decrease in values over time. This gives a similar reporting tool to that introduced in Sales/Purchase Ledgers in Release 6.3.

Selecting the report presents a list of parameters to control the details output:-

Date of Report / Report As At Date – usually set to today’s date you may wish to change the ‘As At’ date to an earlier point in time if transaction entry is not fully up-to-date.

Range of Stock Codes From / To – optionally enter a range of stock codes to be output, <F4-Select> is available if required. Leave blank to output all accounts.

OR List of Stock Codes – if not entering a range but wish to output specific codes then selecting this option allows you to enter a list of codes required (<F4-Select> is available).

Include Non-Stock Items - specify whether any non-stock items are to be included when outputting stock details.

Specify Any Selection Criteria – optionally set any criteria to restrict output of the history to selected stock records.

Include Current Period – the history option is based on the saved values for the stock record, setting this option includes the current period value within the report and drops off the oldest of the saved periods. For example if 12 periods in the accounting calendar and you are in period 3 then set whether when reporting period 3 you use this year’s figure or last year’s figure.

No of History Periods – on first use this defaults to the number of periods in the current accounting calendar, although this can be amended if required. This option controls how many of the individual period values are output.

Include 3/6/9/12 Period Average – these four parameters ask whether you wish the Excel output to include averages for the last 3, 6, 9 and 12 periods. If including current period the average of the last 3 periods is this period and the 2 previous periods, average for last 6 periods is this period and the previous 5 periods, and so on. If using an alternate number of periods in the accounting calendar then these options may vary – the system will omit average options if they exceed the number of periods in the year and the 12-period average will be an average based on however many accounting periods there are.

Include Year Totals – set whether to include a total of the value for the year. Again if including current period then the year total is a total of the current period and the previous 11 (assuming 12 accounting periods) periods.

Demand, Costs or Sales Values – set to D, C or S accordingly as to whether the history report is to be based on demand, cost of sales values or sales values.

Once the output parameters are set you can select the PRINT option to output the turnover history to Excel. Note that as no ‘physical’ print can be created for this report (too much detail to be legible on typical A4-page) then this option is not applicable if Excel / Open Office is not available.


Menu Design

The Stock History reporting option needs to be added as required to the Stock reports menu. As part of the 6.5 Update a new STREP.D03 menu is optionally installed. If elected not to update menus on the 6.5 upgrade then Diamond and Premier users can add the new menu option by signing-on as the CONFIG user and selecting Application Menu Design. Choose the menu to update (the main Stock reports menu is STREP.D03) and then select to update either the left or right-hand menu. Move down to a blank menu entry and enter the title required then press <Enter> to enter the menu parameters. (Professional users will need to apply the updated STREP.D03 as part of the upgrade).

Applic, Program or Notes P-Program

Menu Name or Program Path ST.EXE

Parameter 3010

NB: Other options can be set as required.

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