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Stock Assemblies - Stock Control

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Stock Assemblies - Stock Control

This section describes the assembly facilities of the stock system showing you how to define the assembly structure and build the assembly.

An assembly is a stock item in its own right. You can record sales issues, receipts, transfers and adjustments as you can with a ‘normal’ stock item. You can see physical stockholding, quantities reserved and on-order. However, when stock levels are low rather than ordering the item from a supplier you will build the item yourself.

When you come to make a PC for stock then you will use up components from which it is made – each PC contains a monitor, keyboard, system (box), mouse, etc. As seen in the diagram above the ‘system box’ is also an assembly, or sub-assembly, containing its component parts.

Assembly and Component Files

Separate databases hold details of each product that is defined as an assembly – the Assembly file holds the list of assembled products, the Component file holds the list of items used in building the assemblies.

Each Assembly is referenced by an assembly ‘code’ – this code could either be the same code as that used for the finished stock item or another code of your own requirements.The same components may be needed on a number of differing assemblies and a component may be a stock item which is itself an assembly.

The option ‘Assembles’ on the stock application menu contains the stock assembly facilities.

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