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SQL Replicator

SQL Replicator


Connection to SQL Server via ODBC


The Datafile SQL Replicator connects directly to a MySQL or MsSQL Server.  Where the server is on a remote connection you may want to use SSL.   The existing connection options don’t allow this but you can now connect via ODBC – with ODBC set to use SSL.


To enable connection via ODBC you need to setup your ODBC connection to the SQL Server and apply your required security settings.  Once in place you then need to enable the Datafile SQL Replicator to use the ODBC connection.  


To this you need to manually enable two Registry settings.  The relevant entries to enable ODBC are in the registry key


HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\Datafile Software Solutions Limited


within here you’ll have nodes for Datafile Replication\DF2SQL\SQLConnections\SQLConnectionnn



ODBC DSN – modify to include the name of your System DSN connection.

Use ODBC DSN – modify to set to ‘1’ to use the ODBC DSN connection.





If you are adding ODBC connectivity to an existing SQL Connection you may find that the two ODBC registry values are not in place.  Open the SQL Monitor and then close – this will automatically add the new registry keys.




SQL Log Housekeeping


As part of replicating the Datafile tables to MsSQL or MySQL the system maintains an activity log within a table DF2SQLLog.  This log file expands over time and may need to be periodically cleared down to keep the SQL Database size down.  This new feature allows the SQL Replicator to perform this housekeeping – retaining a set number of days.


As part of the SQL Configuration for the Replication Stream a new option allows you to set the retention period.



Time – set the time to perform the cleardown of the DF2SQLLog table – the time set should not be within the ‘excluded times’ for processing.


Log Days to Retain– set the number of days to retain when cleardown the log table.





Once set, to enable the Replicator to clear down you will need to stop and restart the service.



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