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Maintain Matrix Templates - Batch Tracking

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Maintain Matrix Templates - Batch Tracking

The ‘Matrix’ options are an add-on to the Batch Tracking facilities for were items are not serial or batch tracked but are available in different configurations. One option would be to have one stock item per configuration but this can make stock reporting and enquiry more cumbersome, this option uses a batch ‘matrix’ where you have one stock item with the configurations held as batches. The key to the option chosen would usually be stock description and price detail – if they are consistent across all configurations then the matrix is an appropriate solution.

For example – if selling shoes then these may be held in rolls of differing colours and sizes.You could define a matrix which lists these pre-defined options and as stock is bought and sold the system updates the appropriate batch record for that combination. If these variations had no effect on the price/cost price used (which is recorded on the stock record) then the matrix would be a valid solution, if the pricing did vary then separate stock items for each combination would be more appropriate.

This option allows you to define the matrix of configurations the item is available in – up to three ‘factors’ can be defined in the matrix, with up to ten variations per factor. Using the shoe example you could use two factors – a first factor of colour allowing blue, black, brown, etc., and a second factor for the sizes of shoe.

Selecting the option ‘Maintain Matrix Templates’ allows you to define the matrix set-up.

All the options available – Add, Update, View and Delete – use the same screen layout. On selection of the appropriate action you are asked for the matrix code. Select an existing or enter a new code as appropriate.


Enter the description for the matrix template.


This is (possibly) the same as the description – the heading is updated as the ‘Batch Heading’ when a matrix is linked to a stock record, the batch heading being an alternative prompt to ‘batch code’ when asked to select the batches for issue/receipt.


The ‘batch’ code for each configuration of the stock item is made up of the stock code, batch-number (for templates), factor-1, factor-2 and factor-3. This prompt asks for the delimiter between these items, this is usually a ‘/’ but could be another character such as ‘.’ or ‘-‘. The value entered must not exist as part of a stock code or one of the factor variables.


When issuing or receiving stock into a matrix linked stock item then all possible configurations of that item are listed for you to scroll up/down entering the quantities required.The pre-selector offers you a list of the variations for one of the factors as an initial selection to restrict the configurations displayed. Enter the factor of 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate – if only one factor defined for this matrix then this option is not appropriate and you should enter ‘0’

Factor ‘Name’

This is a descriptive title for the factor – i.e. colour, size etc.

Factor ‘Format’

This asks for the format of the factor, the options entered matching this format. This offers the same flexibility as code formats – i.e. UUUUUU allows entry of up to six characters be they letters, numbers or symbols,999 restricts this to three characters that must be numbers.

Factor ‘Options’

These prompts ask for the options, or variations, for this factor – i.e. if the factor is ‘colour’ then these could include ‘black’, ‘brown’, ‘blue’, etc.

Updating a Matrix Entry

If you update a matrix entry that is already linked to a stock item then new ‘batch’ records may need to be created, the batch records are normally only created when adding a stock item. On update of the matrix definition the system will offer ‘Update Batch Lists for Stock Items that Use This Matrix’ – you should respond ‘Yes’ to this.

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