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ENQ - Enquire Account Details

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ENQ - Enquire Account Details

This option displays an accounts ‘current’ transactions. On selection of the option you are asked for the account code, enter or use <F4-Select> to search, and then the transactions are displayed.By default the ‘current’ transactions are shown – transactions entered within the current period and those that were outstanding as of the last period end.

You can move up/down the transaction list using the up/down keys, the page up/down keys and a scroll bar are available when more than a screen full of transactions are available.Selecting the STATEMENT button allows you to print one of the pre-defined statements for the customer / supplier. Selecting the ANOTHER button asks for another account to enquire upon. Selecting EXIT or using the <ESC> key twice (the first returns you to the account code input) returns you to the menu.

Datafile Diamond and Premier users can amend the items displayed from the accounts file at the top right of the screen. The transaction detail displayed is reasonably self-explanatory except for:

A – Displays the allocation letter (excluding Compact). When transactions are allocated, i.e. an invoice is matched against a payment/credit, then a letter is recorded against both and displayed here. For more detail see the allocation actions section later in this manual.

! – Displays the status flag (excludingCompact), i.e. D-Disputed, B-Bad Debt etc., again more detail on status flags is available within the allocation actions section.

On Foreign currency systems the transaction values are displayed, by default, in the base currency of the system.

Prior to entering an account code, the <F7-Options> key is available to amend the transaction detail shown.

Show Original Currency Values – only prompted if the foreign currency application in use, set this option to show the values in the currency of the account.

Show Only Outstanding Transactions – set to ignore transactions that have been paid (this period, if paid last period they would be ignored anyway).

Include Retained Transactions – set to display all transactions for the account.

Transaction Date Range From/To – if including retained transactions then you can restrict the transactions displayed to an entered range.Leaving either date blank displays from the start and/or end of the file respectively.

These settings are remembered for all enquiries in the current session. As soon as you exit from the Enquiry function these settings are cleared.

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