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Considerations when Upgrading to Datafile 20nn

1.Hardware Considerations

Please review our system requirements at http://kb.datafile.co.uk/article/datafile-software-hardware-and-software-supported-versions-1938.html

Monitors and Screen Display

Datafile 20nn uses the default Windows font sizing on a workstation (i.e. Same font sizes as Outlook etc.). We recommend a display resolution of 1440 x 900 for optimum screen view. The minimum screen resolution supported is 1024 x 768 dpi


‘DOS’ legacy style printing methods are not supported in Datafile 20nn. Need to ensure printed reports/documents have their page size/font settings set within the report/document config.

2.Landing Page Content

These are a new feature in the software and default content can be set for all users. Consideration should be given as to which data items appear and whether any business rule colour coding or record filtering is required.

3.Landing Page Toolbars

This is a new feature in the software and the content is common for all users. Consideration should be given as to which functions are required.

4.Business Alerts

These can be set to Email notifications / or log events to the ledger notepad on business events. E.g. Customer Account goes over Credit Limit etc.

5.Ledger Enquiries – Additional Tabs

Each Ledger Enquiry can show up to 4 pages of information and can be organised by Tabs.

6. General Functionality

a. Real Time Update to Nominal Ledger Option

b. $TODAY in Reporting

c. Automatic Sign Off

d. Order Processing Document Scroll Bar for Line Processing

e. Improved Application Picklists – 20 Columns of Data with Rule Based Colour Coding

f. Picklist Generator

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