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Microsoft Office Links 2018

A new Datafile add-in is available with additional features in the links between Datafile and Microsoft Office. The add-in, available for use for users on Datafile 2018 with the Datafile Excel RTD Add-In, allows for links back from Excel... Read More

Network File In Use

Network File In Use – the DIAMOND.D02 is the multi-user control file for the Datafile system and is accessed thousands of times during operations in the Datafile system. As you open a database file or record the system opens this file to update... Read More

Payroll 2013/14 Upgrade Notes

Datafile Software Payroll 2013/14 Upgrade Notes Questions for the Employer What is your Employer Accounts Office Reference? This is a mandatory item for submission of RTI returns to HMRC. As part of the year-end process the operator will be... Read More

Datafile SQL Monitor

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Monitor The Datafile SQL Monitor oversees the SQLMgr program checking for memory usage and time responses. The monitor checks on a set time period (configurable) and if a condition is triggered such as high... Read More

Link to Map Websites

Datafile Software Link to Map Websites This option allows the facility to link to a map website to display the location of a customer or supplier account based on the postcode. By default the system links to the ‘Multimap’ website... Read More

Label Printing

Datafile Software Label Printing This feature brings a major improvement in the label design process in that you can now control font and size for both data and text items and insert bitmap images, such as a logo, at designated positions giving... Read More

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