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Output User List to Excel

Datafile Software Output User List to Excel When defining users and their configuration settings for access to Datafile within the MASTER sign-on it can be useful to print the existing user list for review. From the user list the <F7-Option>... Read More

Output XML File Questions

Datafile Software Output XML File Questions Output Sequence The choices here are for record number sequence, prime index sequence (but only if a prime-indexed file) and an order of your choosing. If you choose the latter, then a subsidiary... Read More

Output XML Orders

Datafile Software Output XML Orders This will normally be a standard XML output transaction to create the purchase order XML file or files regardless of which supplier these are to be sent. If you should deal with a set of suppliers whose schemas... Read More

Out of Stock Report - Stock Control

Datafile Software Out of Stock Report - Stock Control This report shows those items for which the physical stock is zero (or negative). You must decide whether to order any more – although any stock if this item already on-order is also... Read More

Output to Excel Pivot Table

Datafile Software Output to Excel Pivot Table One of the more useful tools within Excel is the Pivot Table utility. The pivot table is a data summarization tool and among other functions, they can automatically sort, count, and total the data... Read More

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