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Supplier Codes

Datafile Software Supplier Codes These codes are used within the XML templates distributed with the purchase order cycle transactions for BOSSFed suppliers: SPIC Used for aspects specific to Spicer KING Used for aspects specific to Kingfield... Read More

XML Audit Trail Error Codes

Datafile Software XML Audit Trail Error Codes The following are the error codes that can appear in the XML audit trail and audit logs. They are largely self-explanatory. 101 Database not found 102 Break condition not applicable 103 Database is... Read More

Disk File Suffix Codes

Datafile Software Disk File Suffix Codes When creating ProFiler menu options the ‘Parameter 2’ input often asks for a filename for the definition file to be created. Filenames are created in the 8.3 format and ‘Parameter 2... Read More

Order Type Codes

Datafile Software Order Type Codes The BOSSFed suppliers use different order codes, as described in the specific trading partner notes. GLU entries matching the technique described in that appendix are distributed. Read More

Currency Codes

Datafile Software Currency Codes No Item Name Type Description 1 CODE X (3) Prime Index. Holds the three-letter identifier for the currency. 2 NAME X (30) Secondary Index. Holds the currency name. 3 SHORT-NAME X (10) Secondary Index. Holds short... Read More

Employee Codes

Datafile Software Employee Codes This screen also refers to the job codes file, and defines additional data items needed for job codes which are also employee records. Data Item Type Description / Notes Employee Pay Rec? ? Y indicates that this... Read More

Maintain Cost Codes

Datafile Software Maintain Cost Codes To make it easier to enter specific job cost details, a separate file holds standard activities such as "Photocopying”, "Cutting”, "Stock issue”, "Packing” and so on.These... Read More

Update Existing Codes

Datafile Software Update Existing Codes This option allows you to amend cost code records. Key the cost code of the record you wish to amend or use <F4-Select> to search.The information in the cost code record and this can be amended by over... Read More

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