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XML Audit Trail Error Codes

Datafile Software XML Audit Trail Error Codes The following are the error codes that can appear in the XML audit trail and audit logs. They are largely self-explanatory. 101 Database not found 102 Break condition not applicable 103 Database is... Read More

XML Transaction Types

Datafile Software XML Transaction Types These are the XML transaction currently available. Only the first two are supplied as standard with the XML module. Any others required must be purchased as separate XML transactions. Transactions shown in... Read More

XML Schema Definition (XSD)

Datafile Software XML Schema Definition (XSD) This is the authoritive source for what can an XML instance can contain. It describes, in XML, each and every possible element, giving details about whether it is mandatory or optional, the number of... Read More

XML Background

Datafile Software XML Background This background note is an introduction to what XML is about. There are many publications about XML, and you will find tutorials and any amount of other information about XML on the web, see the Useful Links... Read More

XML Template Display

Datafile Software XML Template Display Once the second parameter screen is completed, and any selection criteria entered, then the Datafile XML template is now displayed. The eventual intention is that you would be able to write and amend the... Read More

XML Definition Process

Datafile Software XML Definition Process This has many similarities with the Report Generator, whereby by you can create new transactions by choosing an unused numbered option, or amend an existing transaction. Use the [F6] key to delete an... Read More

XML Transaction Definition

Datafile Software XML Transaction Definition XML transactions, whether simple export or import options, or application transaction options, are driven by definitions held in a single folder. This folder generally lives in the root Datafile folder... Read More

XML General Configuration

Datafile Software XML General Configuration At present there are only two general configuration options: Base location for XML definition files Enter here the pathname for the folder in which all the XML transaction definitions will be stored... Read More

XML Error Files

Datafile Software XML Error Files If errors occur whilst parsing an input XML file, such errors will be recorded in the audit trail. However, it may not be obvious where, within the original XML file, an error has occurred — particularly if... Read More

XML File Transfer

Datafile Software XML File Transfer The most common way to exchange XML files currently is via FTP File Transfer Protocol. This is a technique that uses the Internet to move files from one computer to another. Although common, it has the downside... Read More

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