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Purchase Ledger Transactions

Datafile Software Purchase Ledger Transactions Since purchase transactions are created by the PPO document processes and not directly by the XL module, the only additions are for reference information that may be required. Recommended Items to... Read More

Purchase Ledger Accounts

Datafile Software Purchase Ledger Accounts The supplier account code, name and address are often required by the purchase order cycle in preparing the XML purchase order. Recommended Items to Add Item Name Type Size Description 150 XML-SEND ?... Read More

Link to Purchase Ledger

Datafile Software Link to Purchase Ledger When entering invoice and credit transactions direct into the purchase ledger then you can optionally select a job record and cost code to update. If selected then, on update to the ledger, the job... Read More

Update from Purchase Ledger

Datafile Software Update from Purchase Ledger If recording the job and cost codes against purchase transactions – entered in purchase ledger – but not updating the job costing at this point then this option allows you to batch... Read More

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