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Datafile Software - File Naming Conventions

Datafile Software - File Naming Convention.   Each File is Prefixed with a Company ID e.g. DEM Each Database File has an extension of .DFD   Examples :   DEM-SLA.DFD - Sales Ledger Accounts DEM-SLT.DFD - Sales Ledger Transactions DEM... Read More

Restore Payroll Files

Datafile Software Restore Payroll Files When you run the payroll the system creates a backup of the payroll files to allow you to restore, via the System Status, and re-run if further amendments are required. In addition, as part of the... Read More

L7 - User Defined Reports

Datafile Software L7 – User Defined Reports User defined reports are one of the most powerful and flexible types of report with a large number of parameters and permutations available. Essentially the definition consists of building blocks... Read More

Network File In Use

Network File In Use – the DIAMOND.D02 is the multi-user control file for the Datafile system and is accessed thousands of times during operations in the Datafile system. As you open a database file or record the system opens this file to update... Read More

Datafile RTD Excel Add-In

Datafile Software Solutions Datafile RTD Excel Add-In The Datafile system as standard allows reports to be sent to Microsoft Excel as part of the print process. Once the report is in Microsoft Excel however the data is static so when balances... Read More

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