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Controls & Audit Manager

Datafile Software Controls & Audit Manager The Controls & Audit Manager contains all the utility routines used to check the integrity of the data database files and to undertake various housekeeping actions. The tools supplied for Bill... Read More

Stock Mandatory - Stock Control

Datafile Software Stock Mandatory - Stock Control STOCK CODE X (16) The prime index of the stock file holding the Stock Code itself and, in the case of location stock, the first few characters identify the stock location code. In Premiersystems... Read More

Assembly Reports - Stock Control

Datafile Software Assembly Reports - Stock Control Three Assembly reports are available for configuration, each split into two configuration options for the assembly header details and the component stock detail. The Print Assy.(or Assembly)... Read More

Stock Reports - Stock Control

Datafile Software Stock Reports - Stock Control Here you define how the stock reports, based on the stock records file, are to print. For each report the parameters you must give include the print style (type of printing), the data items to print... Read More

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