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Cost Trans Item 1

Datafile Software

Cost Trans Item 1

Data Item Type Description / Notes

Job code X (10) Job code to which this job transaction refers

Job record number Y (6) Record number of job in the job file

Next Job cost rec Y (6) Record number of next job transaction for this job

Cost category (1-30) X (1) Holds major cost category number (maximum value 30 in Premier)

Quantity K, L, M In case of time, minutes expressed as decimal hours

Rate / Cost unit K, L, M Rate per unit or hourly rate

Value K, L, M Actual value charged, including any mark-up %age

Description X (25)

Date D / E Date of transaction

Cost analysis code X (10) Job cost code used for this transaction

Update to other sys ? Y to show updated into another system (used by payroll)

Cost type X (1) Holds number for transaction type — 1 for employee time, 2 for stock issues, 3 for direct job costs, 4 for sales invoiced

Stock code X (16) Holds stock code for stock issues

Cost value K, L, M Holds actual cost value, excluding any mark-up %age

Stock Reference X (6) Reference used for stock issues

  • Release ID: Standard