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Completing Time Sheet Input

Datafile Software

Completing Time Sheet Input

When you have entered all the information you wish to enter from an employee’s time sheet, then press <END> in the job code column or use <ENTER> to leave both the job code and cost code blank.

If you pre-entered a total of the hours/minutes to be entered on the timesheet then the entered details are validated against this and, if a difference is calculated, you are warned and taken back to amend the entered details. If the details are validated, or you are not set to pre-enter a total then at the bottom of the screen you are shown you a total line and asked to update the job costing files.

Replying ‘No’ returns you to the start of the sheet so that you can alter any of the figures on the page.If you reply ‘Yes’, then the time sheet is updated against the various jobs. Whilst this is happening, a progress bar shows the updating of the files.When the update is complete, you are asked:

Reply ‘Yes’ if you have more time sheet details to enter, or ‘No’ to exit back to the menu.

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