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Email Attachments - Create PDF Files in Main Report Folder

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Email Attachments - Create PDF Files in Main Report Folder

When a report or document is printed options are available, subject to system configuration, to send the printed output to Microsoft Word / Microsoft Excel (or OpenOffice equivalents) and to Email and PDF. If output to any of these options then by default the appropriate files are created in a folder based on the MSWORD= entry within the DATAFILE.INI.This contains folders for each application company, then a REPORTS sub-folder and then a further sub-folder for each user within this.

Options are already available so that word document and spreadsheet files are created in the main REPORTS folder rather than the user sub-folder and this facility has now been extended to PDF files – both those created as a result of sending the report/document to email and when print directly to a PDF file.

Note however that whilst creating files in the main REPORTS folder has benefits when clearing down these files it does mean that only one user at a time can print/access any individual report to one of the print options at a time (i.e. two users can’t print the Aged Debtors report to PDF at the same time).



To omit the user sub-folder from the pathname for the created PDF files a new option is available within the DATAFILE.INI. This file, usually held in the main DFWIN folder for the system, can be edited with a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad and can now include additional commands to create files in the main report folder.

If using Outlook and you already have a OUTLOOKMODE= entry within the DATAFILE.INI you can append NOUSERPATH to this entry, for example


 Alternatively if don’t have this setting or using another email client you can add the entry


 Note - to omit the user sub-folder for text and spreadsheet documents you can add the NOUSERPATH modifier to the WORDMODE and EXCELMODE entries. Also note that the 2007 modifier on the OUTLOOKMODE entry above enables the search functions for the body of the email (rather than just the subject) which is available on Outlook 2007 versions and higher; the BODY modifier sets to search to include the body of email by default.

  • Release ID: 6.5