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Save Email Attachments Separately

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Save Email Attachments Separately

The Ledger Enquiry allows, when using Outlook as your mail client, the facility to send an email from the enquiry record and save the email against the record for later review/enquiry. In addition an add-in tool is available within Outlook to save any email against the enquiry record. Where the email contains an attachment this file is included as part of the email message file against the account record. This new feature, which is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the additional CRM file category options, allows the attachments to be saved as separate files against the application enquiry record.



The option to save email attachments as a separate file against the application enquiry record is set via a parameter within the DATAFILE.INI. This file, usually held within the main Datafile folder on the network, can be edited with any text editor. The command line to add is:


 Once set, then if any email that contains attachments is saved against an enquiry record then the attachments will be saved as separate files.

  • Release ID: 6.5