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Component Items - Stock Control

Datafile Software

Component Items - Stock Control

ASSEMBLY X (16) Holds the assembly this component relates to

ASSEMBLY-RECNO Y (6) Holds the record number of the assembly record

STOCK-CODE X (16) Holds the component stock item

STOCK-QTY K, L, M Holds the qty of the component required for the assembly

NEXT-DETAIL Y (6) Holds the component file record number for the next component for this assembly.

FIRST-ALT-STOCK X (16) Holds an alternate item for this component if the main component is out of stock. This is the first in a series of up to ten alternate stock items (number of alternates defined in system profiles)

FIRST-ALT-QTY K, L, M Holds the quantity of the alternate component required. Again this is the first in the series of up to ten items.

NOTES X (20) Narrative Notes for the component

ENTRY TYPE X (1) Flag to identify whether component entry is for a stock item (S), a comment (C) or build instruction notes (N)

TEXT FROM / TO X (48) A range of text items (maximum of 10) for entry of comments and build instructions. You reference the first and last of the range of items.

  • Release ID: Standard