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Update Existing Stock Record - Stock Control

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Update Existing Stock Record - Stock Control

This displays the same screen as that used to add a new stock record. Use <F4-Select> to find existing codes. If you enter a code that has not been set-up you are warned accordingly.

Once you’ve entered an existing stock code, all its details are displayed on screen and you can amend them as required (see note below). The <End> key has a special use when updating a stock record in that it gives you the ability to save the record without running through all the items, of course the SAVE button will do this as well.

Once the record has been amended you are prompted for the next stock record, <ESC> at this point returns you to the Maintain Stock menu.


Items that are view-only (such as physical etc.) remain view-only when amending a stock record.However, depending on configuration, the cost price and selling prices may on update be view-only as well. This occurs when Stock System Profilesare set to only allow price change via transaction.

  • Release ID: Standard