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User Defined Report – Output to Excel

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User Defined Report – Output to Excel

Last year we added options to the standard listings, in ProFiler as well as the applications, to output a report to Microsoft Excel. This option has now been added to a ProFiler User-Defined Report.

The report has to be configured to allow output to Excel and only outputs either the record or sub-total detail from a report. The data items reported in the nominated control block are output as single row in Excel on the basis of line/column (left to right) order – i.e. row contains all items in line 1, then items in line 2, line 3, and so on. A new row occurs for the next processed record/subtotal block.


Within the configuration side of the User-Defined Report selecting ‘Tools’ off the desktop menu followed by ‘Links to MS Office’ allows configuration of the Excel link.

Allow Output to Excel at R (record) or S (sub-total) level?

Enter ‘R’ or ‘S’ to control whether you wish to output the data items from the $RECORD control block or the $SUBTOTAL control block to Microsoft Excel.

If sub-total then specify which level (1-20)?

If outputting the detail from a $SUBTOTAL control block then enter the number of the control block you wish to output. (Each report can have up to 20 levels of sub-totals on different data items, number 1-20 down the page).

  • Release ID: 5.6