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Compress Address Lines and Post Code

Datafile Software

Compress Address Lines and Post Code

The Premier system allows you to define a range of data items on a database as the address block and selected documents allow you to set an option to compress blank lines from the address block

For example, you might enter address details as:

Name: John Smith & Co

Address 1: 10 Acacia Industrial Estate

Address 2:

Town: Cheltenham
County: Gloucestershire
Post Code: GL3 4DY

When you print the address on a document, you may not want the blank line to show and the compression option removes this, moving the following items up.

This feature relies on an Advanced Features option within the database structure to define the first and last data items within the address block and assumes the data items are consecutive. However, due to changes in database structures over time often the post code field is not in a consecutive block of data items and to re-arrange the database to make this the case can be an involved process.

From Release 5.7 if using the name and address block on a database, and the document is set to compress blank address lines, but the post code field is not within the range of items in the address block but does follow it on the document print the system will include the post code when compressing the blank items.


The system applies this based on a field name check – the name containing ‘Post’ and ‘Code’.

This applies for Sales and Purchase Ledger, Stock, Invoicer and Order Processing.

  • Release ID: 5.7