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Custom Page Sizes

Datafile Software

Custom Page Sizes

This new feature allows the ability to use custom page sizes within the document design (using the improved designer released on the last update).

Within the ‘Paper Size’ pull down a new option is available ‘Custom (User Defined)’ which, when selected, will enable you to enter the paper width and height in millimetres.

Note that not all printers will support a custom page size, if a Datafile document is configured for this then try a test print but before selecting PRINT press the SET-UP button – the page size the printer will apply is displayed here. If the document is custom but the printer reports this as (say) A4 then the printer does not support custom page sizes.

SOP – Till Style Print

Sales Order Processing has an option for till receipt style printing where the system prints the document header, all the details (regardless of number) and then immediately afterwards prints the footer.Custom page sizes and the new designer generally, are not as yet compatible with this option.

  • Release ID: 5.7