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Reporting Defaults

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Reporting Defaults

When running a report within the sales or purchase ledger the "as at” date remembers the date used last time and offers this as the default on the next report – the "as at” date being used as a memo for the date for which transactions have been entered up to.A new option has been added to the ledger system profiles to default this date to today’s date.

A second option has also been added to default the reports to include of forward transactions.


Screen 3 of the Sales/Purchase Ledger System Profiles allows you to set the "as at” date to default to today, and whether the reports, by default, include forward transactions.

Default Report "as at” to today – set to default the "as at” date on ledger reports to today.

Reports include forward as default – set to include forward transactions by default on reports.


If set to include forward by default then reports created via the automatic period end (and year end) report options will still continue to exclude forward transactions.

  • Release ID: 5.7