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Report Generator - Application Reports

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Report Generator – Application Reports

The Report Generator is a useful tool that allows up to 999 reports to be created on various application files throughout the system. Some users have requested the facility to run an applications Report Generator reports from the menu for that application – i.e. access the Sales Ledger based reports from the Sales Ledger menu – and this option is now available.


Within the application menu design, accessed via the CONFIG sign-on, it is now possible to add a call within the likes of the Sales Ledger Reports menu (SLREP.D03) and others to call Report Generator reports relating to that application file.

The menu parameter details are:

Applic, Program or Notes P – Program

Menu Name or Program Path SL.EXE – Sales Ledger, etc. (see below)

Parameter 8800

The option is available for all the main applications and the program path for each option is:

Sales Ledger SL.EXE

Purchase Ledger PL.EXE

Nominal Ledger NL.EXE

Cashbook CB.EXE

Stock Control ST.EXE

Invoicer IN.EXE

Payroll PR.EXE

Job Costing JC.EXE

Sales Order Processing SP.EXE

Purchase Order Processing PP.EXE

Bill of Materials BM.EXE

Batch Tracking BT.EXE

Foreign Currency FC.EXE

Invoice Costing IC.EXE

Invoice Generator IG.EXE


The list of reports available for each application is restricted to those applications files – i.e. Sales Order Processing reports would include reports based on the Sales Order Header or Detail database.

The list will include any label print, data interchange, and word processing definitions defined within the Report Generator for the application.

The list will be filtered by user-id / company code. If a report is for a specific user-id / authority level then that report will not appear if current user does not have rights to run the report. Similarly, if a specific company code is set against a report and that is not the open company then the report will not be listed.

Reports can only be run from these options – updating must be done through the main Report Generator menu. If you wish to allow the full list of reports but to run-only you can now call P-Program, DB.EXE, and Parameter 3200

  • Release ID: 5.8