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Auto-Increment Account Codes

Datafile Software

Auto-Increment Account Codes

This new feature allows the account code to default to the next available in the sequence when using an exclusively numeric format.

When adding account records the system will default the next code for you to confirm/amend as required.


Auto-Increment options are only applicable if using an exclusively numeric code format (i.e. all 9’s)

Auto-Increment is supported for accounts added through the sales/purchase ledger, invoice documents, sales and purchase order entry plus invoice costing and invoice generator add account options.

If you overtype the default code then this is remembered as the starting point for the next record.


A new parameter has been added to the Sales and Purchase System Profiles (Screen 2) to allow for the auto-increment of account codes. To access the System Profiles select Installation from the main menu, lock out the system and then select System Profiles and the appropriate application.

Auto add 1 to account code when adding – select to auto-increment the account code when adding new customer/supplier records.

  • Release ID: 5.9