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Authority Level for Debtors Memo Access

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Authority Level for Debtors Memo Access

New in Release 6.1 is an option to set an authority level to access the Debtors Memo. The Debtors Memo can be created/maintained as part of the Credit Control Manager routines. Once created the memo could be viewed via the Ledger Enquiry and was also available on the Notes option to all users who have access to these options.A new option has been added to the Memo Facility Configuration to set an authority level for the Debtors Memo.

Against the ‘Sales Ledger’ set the authority level under the ‘Debtors’ column for the memo – authority levels are 0-9 where 9 is the lowest and 0 is the highest. If the user has insufficient authority then the Debtor Memo will not be viewable via the <Alt>+<L> enquiry pane or the notes panel and cannot be created / updated via the Credit Control Manager.

  • Release ID: 6.1