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Account Authority Levels

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Account Authority Levels

This new feature allows you to restrict access to accounts by setting an authority level on the account record.Where an authority level is set the account cannot be accessed by users with insufficient authority within the ledger account maintenance, transaction entry, statement print or account enquiry.

Access is also restricted within the Ledger Enquiry and across the standard Datafile applications – you cannot enter a new order or view an existing order if insufficient authority to access the account, nor can you post a cashbook receipt or payment, enter an invoice, link a job etc. Note though that if the operator can print a report then all applicable records are reported regardless of authority level.

When adding a sales account the operator will be prompted, if configured, for the access authority level.The standard Datafile authority level scale is in use, authority values 0-9 are allowed where 0 is highest authority and 9 is unrestricted – if the authority level is left blank then this acts as authority level 9.

Once an account has an authority level set against it then, if the operator has insufficient authority, the account will be ‘hidden’ on F4-Select search results when prompted for an account code. If the operator manually types in the account they will be warned they have an insufficient authority level to access the account. Where other application records are linked to the account – such as a sales order or job record – then F4-Select will display the linked records but, on selection, the system will warn the operator has insufficient authority to view the record.


Changes required for this feature include adding a new data item to the sales / purchase accounts database, referencing this field within the Database Profiles, and adding the authority level item to the account maintenance screen.

Restructure a Database

A new text item is required on the accounts database to hold the access authority level.

File Item Name Type Description

SLA/PLA AUTH-LEVEL X (1) Authority level required to access the account – authority levels are 0-9 where 0 is the highest and 9 the lowest.

Set Database Profiles

The new data item needs to be referenced within the Datafile Database Profiles. The ‘Account Optional 4’ parameter screen within the sales/purchase profiles allows reference of this new item.

Application Screen Layouts

The account maintenance screen(s) need to be updated to allow the operator to set an authority level.

  • Release ID: 6.1