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Default Transaction Filters

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Default Transaction Filters

When performing a transaction enquiry there are option filter options where multiple types of record are displayed.As an example the Sales Account enquiry allows filter options on the transaction list for the transaction type (invoice, payment, credit, etc.) and the sales order list can be filtered for the order status. From Release 6.1 you can set by default the transactions to be displayed.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

Default filters are set within the Ledger Enquiry Manager. Within Enquiries Configuration select the application concerned and then the transaction enquiry definition. On prompt for authority level can click the SETTINGS button or press the <F7-Option> key and a pop-up allows you to set the colour options and whether the transaction type is to be excluded by default.

The details are set by database – so the filter options on sales zoom to sales order processing are shared with that of stock zoom to sales order processing etc.


Premier users could previously set defaults on sales enquiry links to sales orders, purchase enquiry links to purchase orders and stock links to transactions, sales and purchase orders.

On update to Release 6.1 these settings continue to be applied – the first time you access the filter options via F7-Option within the definition the existing settings are updated into the new feature for amendment. From this point on the new features are applied.

  • Release ID: 6.1