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Sales/Purchase - Links to Order Enquiry from Transactions

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Sales/Purchase - Links to Order Enquiry from Transactions

When using the Ledger Enquiry to view a customer or supplier account you have been able to list the sales/purchase orders referenced against this account. This new feature allows you to link to the appropriate order when viewing the transactions. This has added advantages in that if using delivery accounts you can still link to the order from the main invoice account and also, for Premier users, you can also link across companies where the sales/purchase order was created in a different application company.

The ORDER button is only active on invoice and credit transactions where the order reference is recorded against the transaction. On selecting the option the order enquiry is opened for that order to review, <ESC> or the CLOSE button takes you back to the transaction enquiry.


 The link relies on the Order Reference being written to a data item on the transaction record generated at point of invoice/credit generation. Many users will already have this item and as such you only need to update the Database Profiles to reference this item. If the item does not exist or you update the sales/purchase transactions from multiple order processing companies then you need to create the necessary items in the transaction and order processing files.

Database Restructure

A maximum of two new items are required on the sales/purchase transaction file plus, if using a multi-company set-up, you need to create a data item on the order header file containing the source company id.

File Item Type Description

SLT/PLT ORDER-REF X (16) Holds the reference of the sales/purchase order that generated the transaction.

SLT/PLT ORDER-CO X (3) Holds the application company-id of the company the order was generated from. This is only required for multi-company set-ups.

SOH/POH !=CCC X (3) Creates a data item containing as a default value of text after the ‘!=’.Replace the ‘CCC’ with the appropriate company-id. Again this is only required for multi-company set-ups.

Database Profiles

The items on the sales/purchase transaction files need to be referenced within the Database Profiles. Parameter Screen ‘Trans Optional 2’ allows reference of the Order-Ref and Order-Co data items.

Document Design

To populate the Order-Ref and, if necessary, the Order-Co data items you need to set copy items from the order header to the transaction file within the invoice and credit documents. Parameter Screen 16 of the document design parameters allows this.

Order-Hdr to SL(PL)-Trans – this section allows ten copy items from the order header database to the generated transactions, set here the data item numbers for the order reference and order company data items in both files.

 Multiple Order Documents

 This feature relies on one order being processed for each generated invoice/credit so is not applicable where invoicing is on a multiple-order basis

  • Release ID: 6.1