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Contact Management - Copy Items from Activity to Accounts and Contacts

When reviewing Customers, Suppliers and Contacts it can be useful to quickly see what the last activity recorded was and to see when the next activity is due. This new feature allows you to define copy items from an activity to the linked customer, supplier or contact.





Application User Facilities

Copy Items from the Activity records to the Contact, Customer and Supplier records are defined within the Application User Facilities for the Sales/Purchase Ledgers. To update Installer users can right click on the Customer or Supplier maintenance menu options and select to Configure Option and then Sales/Purchase Contacts.


Alternatively, users can select Installationfrom the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities before selecting either the Sales or Purchase Ledger and then Maintain Customer (Supplier) Records and then Sales / Purchase Contacts.


Select Proceed on the initial parameter screen and then select Opt 7 to define the copy items.



Select the From / To data items as required. Data Items matched should be of comparable type / size. Copy Items are triggered when add a new activity – either via the Add or Next Action options.

  • Release ID: 7.1