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Automatically Display Linked Files - Allow Items from Lookup Database in History/Details List - Link to BOM Detail Pick List

Automatically Display Linked Files


The Ledger Enquiry applications allow the facility to link to files such as word documents, images, pdfs, spreadsheets etc.  This new feature allows for the system to automatically display up to three linked files when an enquiry record is opened.

The system can also open files across applications – the Sales Order enquiry could open a pdf linked to the customer, or the Works Order enquiry could open a specification document linked to the assembled stock record.




Ledger Enquiry Manager


Options have been added to the Ledger Enquiry Manager to enable the options to automatically open linked application files.  To update select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration. Select the required application and then the new option External File Links.


Up to three link items can be defined and for each application you select


App Id – select the application user folder to be browsed for the linked file (SL – Sales Ledger, PL – Purchase Ledger, etc.)


Key Item – select the key item.  This is the data item that contains the primary key for the linked application – for example if on the Works Order enquiry and you are linking to the stock application then the key item would be the stock code.


Filename Item – reference the item on the main file that contains the filename to be displayed.  This item is on the main enquiry record – using the Works Order enquiry example then there will need to be an item on the WOH record containing the filename to be displayed.


Name Includes Path– by default the file is expected to be with the application user folder for the key item – so for example if looking at a stock image then the image file would be in STUSER\StockCode – this option sets that the filename item includes the pathname (starting point being the working folder for Datafile – typically the DFWIN folder)






The system uses the default associated program to open the nominated associated file as defined by the Windows operating system. 


The Datafile Enquiry is triggering the opening of the file using Windows Explorer tools – how that file is displayed (size, positioning etc.) is controlled by the associate program.  Once the file display is no longer required then the associate program would be manually closed.




Stock Enquiry – Allow Items from Lookup Database in History/Details List


The Stock Ledger Enquiry allows options for History and Detail databases which list items from another database with a matching stock code.  One of the common uses for this function is to list assembly components. This new feature allows the list items for History/Detail databases to include values from a linked lookup database – this allows, for example, the components list to show the stock description or quantities such as the stock physical.




Ledger Enquiry Manager


New prompts have been added to the Enquiry Configuration parameters for the Stock History/Detail databases.

After the initial parameter settings for the link between the stock records and the history/detail databases are options to define the lookup relationship.


Lookup Database Pathname – enter the file (including pathname where appropriate) of the database table you wish to display additional items from.


Lookup Format – enter the code format used for the lookup file (i.e. AAA999 / UUUUUUUUUUU and so on)


Item for Lookup – reference the item on the main history/detail database that contains the lookup value.


After confirming the lookup details you can then define the list of items to display.


When defining the list of items, you can select the file number – file 1 is the main history/detail database, file 2 is the lookup file – once set you can then choose the appropriate data item.  Note that filter options are not applicable for the items listed from the lookup file.


Works Order Enquiry – Link to BOM Detail Pick List


The Pick List features developed over the years allow for quick enquiry and edit tools for multiple records within a Datafile database.  For Bill of Materials users have developed Detail pick lists that allow quick edits for the recording of operational details – the user enters the Works Order Reference as part of the criteria and then edits the required details.


This new feature adds the facility to link to Pick Lists based on the Works Order Detail file within the Action section of the Works Order Enquiry.  The system will automatically filter the pick list to only show order details for the current enquiry record.



Ledger Enquiry Manager


To link an BOM list to the W/Order Enquiry you need to update the ‘Launch Other Programs’ items definition.  To update select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration. Select Bill of Materialsfollowed by Launch Other Programs.


Title – set title as required.

Prog – set to BM

Param – set to 792x (where x is value from 1 to 9 corresponding to the detail pick list definition) Comp – usually left blank for current company, set as required.

Auth – set from 0-9 (where 0 is the highest and 9 is the lowest).  Note the authority level applies to the availability of the link action, if the linked action has a higher user authority required then the action will not be available.

Hint – enter description for link as required.

  • Release ID: 7.0