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Credit Control Manager Apply Colour Highlighting Rules Sales Ledger

Diamond and Premier 2016 onwards only

This facility allows the facility to apply colour highlighting rules to the Credit Control Manager.  You could apply colour highlights to accounts for which the next action date is overdue, for accounts where there are transactions over a set number of days overdue and so on.



Application User Facilities

To update Installer users can right-click on the menu option for Credit Control Manager within the Explorer Menu pane and select the ‘Configure Option’ facility and move to screen 5 of the parameters. Alternatively you can select Installationfrom the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities.  Select the Sales Ledger application before selecting Sales Transactions and move to screen 5 of the parameters.


Up to five colour highlighting rules can be applied.  To update select the ‘Amend’ input for an entry and the colour options will be displayed – select the required colour and then enter the selection criteria for the account that is required to apply that colour.

Highlight rules are applied on the basis of the first matching entry – you should apply the most important highlights first.  For example, if you highlight entries based on which ‘statement dates’ are recorded then you should set the highest statement flag as the first colour.  Similarly, if the most important criteria is the ‘next action date’ is today / overdue then set this as the first colour rule.

  • Release ID: 6.9