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Record Groups as Items in Discount and Supplier Matrix

The Discount and Supplier Matrix files use a prime index built up from the account code/group and the stock code/group as its unique key.  The Matrix file also includes separate items for the account code, account name, stock code and stock description (line 1) for reporting purposes but didn’t allow for separate items to record the account group and stock group. 

New items are now available for use in the Discount and Supplier Matrix to record the account group, stock group and (see below) the second stock group in individual items. In addition if these items are configured then instead of the generic ‘Acc Group’ and ‘Stock Group’ labels the system will use the field names of these items as the text label on Discount Matrix maintenance.


Database Changes

New Items are required on the Discount Matrix for this facility.  Note that the Discount Matrix uses a fixed file structure so items are required to be created in set positions.  To add these new items selectInstallation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Restructure A Database. Select the Sales Ledger application. Elect to update the Live Files and then select the Discount Matrix File. The existing data items are then displayed on screen, scroll-down to the required item number and create the following items:

No       Item                               Type            Description

14        Account-Group          N/T              Records the Account Group.  The field name used here is used as the display label within the matrix maintenance options.  Note that if use a T-Table item that the table values / validation is based on the analysis group item within the Customer file and that if use a T-Table item for reporting purposes it is maintained separately to the account group on the Sales Ledger.

15        Stock-Group               N/T              Records the (first) Stock Group.  As with the group above the field name is used as the display label and T-Table items are validated against the Stock file analysis item and not the matrix item here. 

16        Stock-Group-2           N/T              Records the second Stock Group.  Creation of this item (and the separate items for account and first stock group above) are mandatory if use of the Second Stock Group analysis is required.  Again the field name used here is the data item label displayed on screen but if use T-type items it’s the Stock file second group item that displays the values allowed.

To insert a new item press <Enter> against a blank entry, enter the title as required and press <Enter>, select the item type (using the drop-down list if required), and depending on item type select the size required. 

Once the additional items have been recorded press the <ESC> key and select the UPDATE button to save the database changes. When prompted respond ‘Y’ to the prompts to ‘Extract Existing Data to New Database Structure’ and, if appropriate, ‘Copy Table Entries from Old Database to New Database. Final prompts ask to ‘Remove (.OLD) Database’ and to ‘Carry Out the Same Restructure on the BASE File as well’ – respond as required. If you select to update the base file you need to manually insert the new items at the same data item positions as on the live file. 

Once these items have been created then, if the Supplier Matrix is in use, you can repeat the required entries within the Supplier Matrix selecting Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Restructure A Database. Select the Purchase Ledger application. Elect to update the Live Files and then select the Purchase Price Matrix File.

  • Release ID: 6.8