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Employee Optional 11/11

Datafile Software

Employee Optional 11/11

X Data Item Type Description

Overtime Rate 1 M } These items allow the entry of a specific

Overtime Rate 2 M } overtime rate to be used for each band

Overtime Rate 3 M } overriding the hourly/overtime rate

Overtime Rate 4 M } entered earlier – although the rate factor is

Overtime Rate 5 M } still applied. If using Payroll Plusthen

Overtime Rate 6 M } these items are left 0as the rates are held

} in the overtime database

Minimum Cash Amount K, L } If paying a minimum amount of pay in

Minimum Non Cash Amnt K, L } cash for immediate spending and the

} balance in the employee’s normal

} payment method then enter in one of the

} items the amount the employee receives in

} either cash or their normal payment

} amount. The balance is paid in the other

} method

X Current Cash Amount K, L Holds the amount to be paid in cash this period

X Current Non Cash Amnt K, L Holds the amount to be paid in the employee’s normal payment method

Prev NI Co Main EE } Items are no longer in use

Prev NI Co Main Pay }

X Pay As At Period N If the employee has already been paid for the current period this option allows you to pay the next period early.

X Report Seq Item Select here the data item to use as a sort item on the payroll reports. If set then enables use of sort sequence 3 and 4 on payroll reports. Sequence 3 being this nominated item, sequence 4 being this item within the department.

X Memo Reference Y (6) Used by the employee memo facility. This holds the six-digit number of the memo file PRnnnnnn used.

Clear Flag ? This item is cleared during the period/year end. It would be set via an external routine (say) a ProFileroutput of employees pay to the bank for BACS payments.

  • Release ID: Standard