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Employee Optional 5/11

Datafile Software

Employee Optional 5/11

X Data Item Type Description

X Basic Hours K, L Basic Hours worked in this period

X Basic Hours/Value K, L Basic Pay paid this period

X Overtime 1 Hours K, L }

X Overtime 1 Value K, L } Holds the hours worked at each overtime

X Overtime 2 Hours K, L } rate and the value paid. Compact users

X Overtime 2 Value K, L } only have 3 overtime rates. If using

X Overtime 3 Hours K, L }Premier and Payroll Plus then these items

X Overtime 3 Value K, L } would not be referenced as the overtime

X Overtime 4 Hours K, L } values would be held in a separate

X Overtime 4 Value K, L } database.

X Overtime 5 Hours K, L }

X Overtime 5 Value K, L }

X Overtime 6 Hours K, L }

X Overtime 6 Value K, L }

X Advanced Pay Periods N The number of periods paid in advance

Second Forename X (20) Optional recording of a second forename for each employee

  • Release ID: Standard

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