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Payroll Document Facilities

Datafile Software

Payroll Document Facilities

This option provides maintenance facilities for the saved documents files available for the payroll.

Clear By Date

This option allows you to clear the saved documents file using date criteria. The system first asks you to confirm today’s date and then asks you for a date up to which to remove any saved documents. If the date is left blank then the system calculates the ‘up to date’ based on the retention days set in the system profiles (at the time the document was created).

Clear Selective

This option allows you to selectively clear the saved documents file based on combinations of the date range, the employee number and the document title.


This option rebuilds the index list of the saved documents.


This option, using the same selective capability of the cleardown, allows the reprint of the saved documents.

Documents Folder

The saved document files are held in the DFCOMP file location (usually \DFWIN\DATA). For security reasons you may want to specify a different location.

  • Release ID: Standard

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